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Customer Testimonials

Ted and Denise from Akron, Ohio

We could not be more Pleased with our motor home purchase from Mike Sherry.I bought it over the phone and Internet without seeing it in person, Mike Sherry's detailed information on the unit was right on the money.My wife and I were so pleased when the unit was delivered,and had a great time with the two gentlemen that drop it off and took back our trade.I would feel very comfortable buying again thru Mike and would tell others the same,it is nice to see that there are still good people that care about you and take great pride in doing so.
Thank You

Ron and Marilyn E. from Ohio

To whom it may concern:

We purchased a camper van (Pleasure Way Traverse) from Paul Sherry RV this summer. Our experience was very pleasant. Sam Artz, our salesman, did a wonderful job. He was low key yet knowledgeable, found answers to any questions we had. We knew we wanted something small and he did not pressure us with larger units. Once we decided to buy the whole process went smoothly except waiting for the title. That could have been explained better by the business department.

We would recommend Paul Sherry RV to anyone who is shopping for a RV.

Ron and Marilyn E.

Rose Ann & Ivo from West Milton, Ohio

Question: What brought you to Paul Sherry RV (How did you hear of us)?
Answer: We knew about Paul Sherry's for a long time. Decided to check it out.

Q: What was the deciding factor for you to purchase your vehicle with us?
A: We found a camper we liked and we also liked our friendly, courteous, & knowledgeable salesman.

Q: What can we improve on?
A: Ivo says you could have met us halfway on the last $100 that we tried to get you to come down ; )

Tennis and Elizabeth H from West Virginia

My wife Elizabeth and I were assisted with our Camper purchase by David M. Cox. This gentleman worked with us in all phases of our buying experience and I have to say his co-operation in making appointments and making sure everything was 100% to our satisfaction was above and beyond what we expected. I would recommend David Cox to anyone who is expecting to buy a camper in the near future. Paul Sherry's entire staff was a delight to work with and they wanted our purchase to be a desirable experience.

Ken S from Boonsboro, MD

Dear Mr. Sherry,

Several weeks ago my wife and I were traveling through your area, North on I75 near the rest area, and encountered a significant problem with the axle components of our fifth wheel RV. As a couple who spends winter months full time in our RV this is not the predicament we wanted to find ourselves in; broken down several hundred miles from our home along the side of a highway in an unfamiliar area on a Sunday morning.

We were able to limp to your RV dealership and make arrangements the following Monday morning for repairs with your service manager Mr. Jake Shell. My experience with Mr. Shell was extremely positive throughout the entire breakdown and repair incident. Mr. Shell was extremely professional, courteous, and made every effort to acquire parts for our RV and make repairs in a timely manner to get us back on the road. In all of our travels and in all of our experiences with RV repairs I can honestly say my wife and I have never experienced such exceptional customer care and good service as we did at your dealership.

I know that a lot of the positive experience I had with Mr. Shell was a result of his innate good character, professional bearing, and demeanor, but I also recognize that it is also more than likely at least partially a result of the training and standards you set and expect from your employees. I can say without reservation that Mr. Shell represents you and your dealership extremely well and I am grateful for the help and service I received from him and your dealership.

Thank you.


Ken S

PS - I would not want to forget to acknowledge the courtesy and kindness shown to us by the receptionist at the service department - Lisa. Her compassion and thoughtfulness are a positive reflection upon not only your dealership but also of Piqua, OH as a whole.

Gary & Belinda from Kentucky


Hi Sam,

The walk thru and check-out were 'painless' and well done.

Our whole experience was great, beginning to end. It was so evident that you and the entire staff are tops in your field, very knowledgeable, professional, and with people skills to put even "newbies", like us at ease.

In hindsight, we're glad we started at your dealership, finding exactly what we wanted.

I hope your trip was relaxing and hope that in the future you take us up on the offer to come down to Caesar Creek to go flying.

Thanks again,

Gary and Belinda A.

Danny P from Toledo, OH

Dave Kasler did a great job In helping with the purchase and financing of my Grey wolf 26bh camper. I would recommend Dave to anyone I knew that was buying a camper.

Gerry & Taye from Lima, Ohio

Question: What brought you to Paul Sherry RV (How did you hear of us)?
Answer: Shopping around for a motorhome trying all dealers.

Q: What was the deciding factor for you to purchase your vehicle with us?
A: Found what we were looking for. We were treated very well by the staff.

Q: What can we improve on?
A: (left blank)

Casey from New Mexico

Sam, You and your team there have been really easy and nice to deal with – I looked in my local area for the same trailer and seems like nobody wanted to deal or work with us on what we wanted, etc…that is why I started looking outside of my local area and found this one. But long story short, we thank you and your team there for everything.


Dean A from St. Mary's, OH

I talked to Robin, your sales rep there in Piqua. I am a first time potential customer.

I had many different ideas to run past Robin and was really pleased with how he took the time to clear up several issues that were on my mind. I hope He can help me find the RV for me. I will be hopefully working with him in the near future to purchase an RV that meets my needs. Again. Thanks Robin for taking the time.

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