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Customer Testimonials

Wayne T from Springfield, OH

Mr Sherry,

Just got back in from picking up my RV from your business and wanted to pass along to you that I was very pleased with everything that took place. I was especially impressed with the young man who worked with me. I thought his first name was Jake but looking at my copy of the invoice it appears his name is Jarrett Shell. This was the first time I've ever taken anything in for work that they called me instead of me having to call them for updates. Bottom line is that everything that Jake told me would happen, did happen just as he said. It is maybe too early to say all the installation and repair work is perfect as I have yet to use it but I have every confidence it will be just fine. I was visiting an old supervisor at work shortly before I dropped my camper off for this work and was telling him my plans. He asked me to tell him how everything went because he was looking for a place to have some work preformed on his unit. You can bet I will pass on to him that I was very pleased and would assure him your business is the place to visit.

Just wanted to let you know I was extremely happy with the way your business handled my repairs and that I was very impressed and pleased with the efforts of Mr. Shell in particular.

Respectfully Yours
Wayne T

Roger & Sharon S. from Byrdstown, TN

We stopped just to look around next thing I no I'am signing on the dotted line. Just kidding Robin showed us 5th wheels, trailers and Class B's new and used alike Robin you are very knowledgeable about the different products you had on hand and took very good care of us from the time we first came on the lot till we actually left with our new class B only had it for a short time but really do enjoy it. Loving the fuel mileage going from 5 to 17 mpg is wonderful.

Scott did a super job explaining all the different options on the unit we left very satisfied with our total experience at Sherry RVs look forward to doing business with you all again.

Wally from Dayton


We were very happy with the service that we got. Both the sales and the service staff were quite helpful. We took the trailer to Hueston Woods State Park over Labor day weekend and had a good time. We had a chance to learn a lot about the trailer.

Thank you,

Carmel and Guy from Charleston, WV

We just today made the trip from Charleston, WV to your dealership to buy a used Airstream B Van. I had spent many hours searching the internet for such a van and was delighted to find just what I was looking for at your dealership.

Way back in 2000, we also purchased a new Airsteam B 190 Van, one of the last ones that Airstream made. As of today as well as in 2000, we received excellent service from your dealership which began with a very prompt email from you as well as Robin following up with a telephone call almost immediately after I contacted you by email.

Robin did an outstanding job of negotiating a deal. In fact it was quite painless and very refreshing. Robin continued to carry out my wishes quickly and well. Scott also did a great job of checking out the van to make sure it was in good order and everything works as well as installing the microwave and helping us with parts.

We had a safe trip back to Charleston and will eventually take the B Van to our other home in TN. So far, we haven't found anything wrong with the van.

My only regret is that you no longer handle Airstreams.

Again, many thanks to Robin and Scott.

Casey from New Mexico

Sam, You and your team there have been really easy and nice to deal with – I looked in my local area for the same trailer and seems like nobody wanted to deal or work with us on what we wanted, etc…that is why I started looking outside of my local area and found this one. But long story short, we thank you and your team there for everything.


Miller and Sharon M. from Washington State

"We were nervous about buying a vehicle we'd never seen from people we'd never met located 2500 miles away. But our salesperson, Robin Sulfridge, assured us that many customers had successfully completed long distance transactions with Paul Sherry RV. We found Robin and others on the Paul Sherry staff to be friendly, service oriented, professional and totally reliable. They made what seemed complicated easy. We are completely satisfied with our purchase and highly recommend Paul Sherry RV."

Dick & Janet K from Maumee, OH

We bought a 2008 Forest River previously owned by "grandpa". We just wanted to tell you what we think of Paul Sherry as some one to deal with. GREAT!! Starting with Robin, to finance, to service department. We knew when we bought it there was no warranty. When we stopped the first night we knew it needed at least 1 new battery. Turned out it needed 3. One call to Robin and the dealership paid for the batteries with an apology that it was not taken care of before purchase. This is our 3rd used motor home and the first time we have been treated fairly. We tell people if they are in the market for a RV of any type to consider Paul Sherry RVs. Thank you Robin for telling us about the Forest River. We love it and have enjoyed it this summer. Our next trip is out to Nebraska to see our Granddaughter

Rose Ann & Ivo from West Milton, Ohio

Question: What brought you to Paul Sherry RV (How did you hear of us)?
Answer: We knew about Paul Sherry's for a long time. Decided to check it out.

Q: What was the deciding factor for you to purchase your vehicle with us?
A: We found a camper we liked and we also liked our friendly, courteous, & knowledgeable salesman.

Q: What can we improve on?
A: Ivo says you could have met us halfway on the last $100 that we tried to get you to come down ; )

Tennis and Elizabeth H from West Virginia

My wife Elizabeth and I were assisted with our Camper purchase by David M. Cox. This gentleman worked with us in all phases of our buying experience and I have to say his co-operation in making appointments and making sure everything was 100% to our satisfaction was above and beyond what we expected. I would recommend David Cox to anyone who is expecting to buy a camper in the near future. Paul Sherry's entire staff was a delight to work with and they wanted our purchase to be a desirable experience.

Ken S from Boonsboro, MD

Dear Mr. Sherry,

Several weeks ago my wife and I were traveling through your area, North on I75 near the rest area, and encountered a significant problem with the axle components of our fifth wheel RV. As a couple who spends winter months full time in our RV this is not the predicament we wanted to find ourselves in; broken down several hundred miles from our home along the side of a highway in an unfamiliar area on a Sunday morning.

We were able to limp to your RV dealership and make arrangements the following Monday morning for repairs with your service manager Mr. Jake Shell. My experience with Mr. Shell was extremely positive throughout the entire breakdown and repair incident. Mr. Shell was extremely professional, courteous, and made every effort to acquire parts for our RV and make repairs in a timely manner to get us back on the road. In all of our travels and in all of our experiences with RV repairs I can honestly say my wife and I have never experienced such exceptional customer care and good service as we did at your dealership.

I know that a lot of the positive experience I had with Mr. Shell was a result of his innate good character, professional bearing, and demeanor, but I also recognize that it is also more than likely at least partially a result of the training and standards you set and expect from your employees. I can say without reservation that Mr. Shell represents you and your dealership extremely well and I am grateful for the help and service I received from him and your dealership.

Thank you.


Ken S

PS - I would not want to forget to acknowledge the courtesy and kindness shown to us by the receptionist at the service department - Lisa. Her compassion and thoughtfulness are a positive reflection upon not only your dealership but also of Piqua, OH as a whole.

Disclaimer: We believe in providing accurate and up front information, and we try our hardest to provide all the information necessary for our shoppers. We cannot, however, guaranty 100% accurate information simply due to the possibility of human error. Please double check pricing, details, specs, features, and options with your salesmen before making a purchase. Thanks for choosing to shop at PaulSherryRVs.com!