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  Pleasure-Way Floor Plans and Model Information: Presented by Paul Sherry RVs

Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. was one of four motorized RV manufacturers to receive the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association Quality Circle Award in 2010. Pleasure-Way received highest marks and was rated the #1 Motorized Manufacturer in North America!

Pleasure-Way is entering into their 25th year of business and have developed a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. These are just a few of the reasons that Paul Sherry RVs has chosen to carry Pleasure-Way over the other Class B manufacturers.  Please keep reading to learn more about the Class B van that we believe is the best out there!

Commitment to Quality

Starting from the moment the chassis comes in from Ford, GM, or Dodge, every task is carried out meticulously by skilled craftsmen. Pleasure-Way uses a manufacturing process similar to that of a Rolls Royce or Bentley. After the chassis arrives, it goes through a series of workstations designed to assemble the RV in a logical order. Some stations are a carried out by a small team of people, and others, such as the interior finish are carried out by a single skilled craftsman. Shortcuts that sacrifice quality is never an option at Pleasure-Way Industries. For example, the fiberglass team sprays and hand rolls the fiberglass body to ensure that no air pockets exist, and the interior cabinets are all measured, cut, and installed in each unit individually to ensure a perfect fit.

The commitment to quality is also seen in the choice of materials used in Pleasure-Way vans. The Ultra Leather Fabric used on the furniture is extremely soft and comfortable, and at the same time it exceeds heavy-duty industry abrasion standards by 13 times. It is also warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Hand crafted maple cabinets and 1/2 " Solid Corian counter tops are used in both the kitchen and bathroom. The use of LED lighting not only provides a beautiful and warm feel inside, but it is also extremely efficient and allows you to run the coach for up to 8 hours off of the auxiliary batteries.

Pleasure-Way Floor Plans

Below you will find a description of the models and floor plans that are now available at Paul Sherry RVs. Use these links to skip to the floor plan you are most interested in: Excel, Lexor , Basis, Traverse, or Plateau

2013 Pleasure-Way Ford Excel

The Pleasure-Way Excel is made on the Ford E-350 chassis. It has a slightly widened and heightened fiberglass body that provides for a luxurious and roomy interior. Inside you will find an enclosed bathroom and shower, a kitchen, and a king size sofa bed in the back. The Excel is designed to be the most luxurious way for two people to travel.

After a long day, The Pleasure-Way Excel is the perfect retreat. The king size electric sofa bed is one of the most comfortable beds in the industry. It is made of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam that conforms to the contours of your body and relieves pressure points. This is also the perfect place to curl up and watch a movie on the conveniently located flat screen TV.

Another great feature about the Excel is the enclosed bathroom. It is rare to have this feature in a Class B motor home, but the Excel pulls it off with style. It has a toilet, a shower, and even features the same solid surface Corian counter tops found in the kitchen.

There are two Pleasure-Way Excel floor plans available: the Excel TS, and Excel TD. The main difference between the TS and TD models is the layout of the back room. This difference can be seen in the Pleasure-Way Excel floor plans below. Check out our inventory to see actual pictures of units we have in stock:

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2013 Pleasure-Way Chevy Lexor
The Pleasure-Way Lexor is built on the Chevy chassis and powered by the 6.0L Vortec V8 engine. Unlike the Excel, the Lexor does not use a widened fiberglass body, instead everything is built into the factory Chevy body. This makes the Lexor handle very tight and it looks even more like an ordinary van than the Excel

There are two Pleasure-Way Lexor floor plans to choose from; the Lexor TS and The Lexor MP. The Lexor TS features the enclosed bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom just like the Excel. The Lexor MP offers a family friendly alternative. It has four captains seats and an electric sofa bed in the back. You can sleep 4 people, and carry up to 7 passengers, making the Lexor MP perfect for everyday transportation, long road trips, and  camping with the family. The drawback to the MP is that it uses an aisle bathroom instead of the enclosed bathroom in order to make room for the extra seating.  Use this link to see actual pictures of a Lexor in our inventory:

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2013 Pleasure-Way Basis

The Pleasure-Way Basis is a new for 2012. It is built on the Chevy chassis and powered by the 4.8L V8 engine. It is designed to be a more straight forward for those who don't want to spend quite as much. Of course, you still get the same quality and safety standards that you get with any other Pleasure-Way RV, there are just a few less bells and whistles.  

The Basis features a king bed in the rear with surrounding overhead cabinets. The kitchen includes a stove, stainless steel sink, and a refrigerator. There is a bathroom in the Basis, but it does not include a sink or shower like you will find in the Lexor, Plateau, or Excel. The price, however, is arguably the best part of the Basis as it comes in $10,000 - $20,000 cheaper than most of the competition.

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2013 Pleasure-Way Traverse

The Traverse has a discrete design that shouldn't offend any neighborhood or condominium restrictions. Instead of the fiberglass roof cap seen on the other Pleasure-Way models, the Traverse has a pop top roof that can be raised when parked to provide 6'6" of head room.  When the roof is not raised, the Pleasure-Way Traverse looks no different than any full size passenger van, and it can even fit inside the traditional 7' garage opening.  This is one of the very few Class B RVs that can make that claim.  It is also the most economical choice of the Pleasure-Way models.  It has the lowest base MSRP and gets up to 18 MPG!

The Traverse is great for an everyday family vehicle or for camping trips. The Traverse can carry up to 5 passengers and sleep 4.  It has a sofa bed in the back that measures 54" X 76" and an over head bunk that measures 44" X 73." Although the size does not allow room for a bathroom, the Traverse does includes a kitchen area with a two-burner stove, a microwave, and a refrigerator.  It also has plenty of storage throughout the van. As with all Pleasure-Way campers, the cabinets and other features are custom built into each coach, rather than using prefabricated cabinets and installing them in the van. This is done to ensure a tight, rattle-free fit, and long lasting quality.

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2013 Pleasure-Way Plateau

The Pleasure-Way Plateau is perhaps the most luxurious and stylish of the Pleasure-Way line.  It is built on the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter cargo van chassis and powered by the 3.0L V6 Mercedes-Benz Blue Tec Turbo Diesel engine. It has dual rear wheels for increased cargo capacity, and a more stable and smooth ride. All this and is still averages between 20-22 MPG.

The Plateau's interior design is far from ordinary. It includes lots of windows, Hard Rock Natural Maple cabinets, Ultra Leather furniture, dimming lights, and a flush mounted TV. It is the only Class B on the market that offers a 6 cu. ft. double door refrigerator. The enclosed bathroom is also one of the biggest in the Class B motor home industry. There is also lots of cabinet space both in the kitchen and the back bedroom.

With the addition of the Plateau RB, there are now four Pleasure-Way Plateau Floor Plans to choose from: the Plateau TS, Plateau TD, Plateau MP, and the Plateau RB.

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