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Paul Sherry RVs Buyers Guide

Whether it's your first time buying an RV or just your first time buying from Paul Sherry RVs, this guide will help you know what to expect. It will walk you through the entire buying process. We believe in a "no surprises" buying experience, and this is just another tool we provide to help that cause.

Before Purchase

Buying an RV is a big deal, and we want you to be 100% confident in your purchasing decision. We are here to help you gather all the information you need to make a sound decision. Choosing a good dealer to work with is as important as finding the right RV, always research any dealership you are considering. You can learn more about our dealership by browsing our website, following us on Facebook and Instagram, and by reading our reviews on Google.

Shopping Online

Many of our customers first discover us online, this is why we invest so much time into our website and RV listings. We make shopping online easy and fun by providing all the information you need to know about the RV right there on our website. Much of our competition doesn't take the time list in all the details about the RVs, and some don’t even provide a full set of pictures, but we do! We even provide a walk-thru video with a knowledgeable salesperson of each RV. We value your time and don't think you should have to contact us just to get some basic information or decent pictures. Our goal, through our website, is to provide you everything you need to make a purchasing decision right at your fingertips. 

You can rest assured that you are getting a good deal, as we work hard to provide the best prices in the country! Learn more about our online shopping experience here.


At some point, you will need to speak with someone at the dealership. Whether it’s questions about an RV or setting an appointment for a dealership visit, our team of RV experts are at your service. There are several ways to contact us including live chat on our website, website contact forms, and of course a phone call to the dealership at 937-778-5250.

Website contact form submissions will be promptly responded to by either email or phone. Live chats and contact forms submissions are answered by the same staff you would talk to on the phone, and these are the same people you will see when you get to the dealership. We don’t use off-site call centers or remote chat teams because they can rarely answer your specific questions like our sales team can.

Dealership Visit

Although many long distance shoppers have enough confidence in our team to purchase their RV without seeing it in person, others want to see and touch it first. Many local shoppers also like to visit our friendly dealership to browse in person, and we are happy to have them all.

When you visit Paul Sherry RVs, you will be greeted by a friendly host or hostess. If you want the assistance of a salesman, there will be one ready to chaperone your visit. This is a great option if it’s your first time buying, you have a lot of questions, you are not sure what to get, or if just want someone to bounce ideas off of. You are also free to browse the lot unassisted if you prefer more privacy. You will also have access to the finance team and service department if you have specific questions for them.

Making the Purchase

So you have found the perfect RV and are now ready to take the next step. These are the steps you will follow.

Contact Salesperson

The first thing to do is get in touch with us, and we will guide you through the rest. If you have already been working with a salesperson, let him/her know that you are ready to purchase, and he/she will guide you through all the next steps. If you have not spoken with a salesperson, contact us through chat, website contact forms, call us, or just walk into the dealership and someone will be happy to help you. Our sales team will be able to walk you through all the documents and answer any questions you have along the way. Together you will set a date to complete the sale and pick up the RV.

RV plugged in for systems testing

Pulled and Prepped

Once you let us know you are buying one of our RVs, you will be asked to put down a $500 non-refundable deposit to take the RV off the market. We will then pull aside your RV or travel trailer and start prepping it for you to take home (or get delivered home). By the time it gets to you, it will be washed outside, cleaned inside, have batteries installed, and propane tanks filled. At this time we also plug it in and begin testing each system to ensure they all work properly. Should there happen to be an issue with the camper, we will work to have it remedied prior to pick-up or delivery.

Financing, Down Payments, and Cash Payments

If you are financing your RV, you can fill out our secure online finance application ahead of time on our website to save time at the dealership. If you do not fill it out ahead of time, you can fill it out on-site, but you may spend time waiting for approval. When you submit the secure form, it will go directly to our in-house finance team. A finance manager will contact you before your information is sent to any banks or credit report pulled. Once you agree to move forward with the application, we will shop multiple banks who specialize in RV loans to get you the best possible rate. When we find the best loan, we will guide you through the paperwork to secure it. If there is a down payment required, this is typically paid when you are signing paperwork to purchase the RV.

If you are paying cash, your salesperson will work with you to take payment. Bringing actual cash to the dealership is not recommended. Instead, we recommend a certified check, cashier's check, or bank transfer.

Insurance, Title, Registration, Taxes, and Fees

Your salesperson will help you through all the paperwork required to transfer ownership of the camper from Paul Sherry RVs to you. We will have as much as possible completed ahead of time to make your trip to the dealership as smooth as possible. If you are buying out of state and having the RV delivered, you will never see the dealership and this process will be completed by mail. Once all the paperwork is completed and signed by both parties, our office will process and submit everything to the appropriate places.

Insurance: It is your responsibility to have your RV insured prior to leaving the dealership, you can typically notify your insurance agent with all the details ahead of time and then confirm the purchase with phone call from the dealership and they will have you covered. If you do not have insurance, click here to see Paul Sherry RVs can help you acquire RV insurance.

Title: The title will be signed to your name and mailed to you or your financial institution within 30 days.

Registration: To register your new RV or Travel trailer with your state and get a licence plate, you will take the title and other required documents (ID, proof of address, ect) to your local DMV. Check with your DMV ahead of time so you have everything that you need. Paul Sherry RVs office will provide a “temp tag” or temporary licence plate that is good for 45 days. This allows you to legally have the RV or travel trailer on the road from time you purchase your RV from the time you get it registered for up to 45 days. This is especially helpful if you live out of state, or if the title has to be mailed to you.

Taxes: The tax amount is determined by the state in which you are registering your RV, and typically paid when you register your vehicle. However, some states require the dealership to collect the taxes at the time of purchase. Your salesperson will let you know if this is the case for your state, and you will be asked to pay them when purchasing.

Fees: We have no hidden fees, or “surprises” when you are purchasing your RV. We have no prep fee, no cleaning fee, no advertising charge, or any other sneaky fee that some dealers will tack on when you are already committed to making the purchase.

The only fee we collect is the documentation fees, which is a standard fee to cover the cost of processing the paperwork for the purchase, title, temp tags, etc. This is a required fee that you will find at any dealership, however some dealerships inflate this for a little extra profit. Ours documentation fee is very reasonable at $283.50.

See this Consumer Report article for more information about dealership fees

Truck pickup up new travel trailer


Most people choose to pick-up their RV from the dealership. Typically, you will complete the paperwork mentioned above and pick-up the RV or travel trailer on the same day, but it is not the same day that you decided to buy. This is because we thoroughly clean your RV and have it checked by the service department prior to leaving, so we need a few days to prepare from the time you put down your deposit. Your salesperson will work with you to set a date for your pick-up that works for the dealership and you.

Also, if you need a trailer hitch, fifth wheel hitch, or any other equipment installed on your truck, this will also need to be scheduled with our service department ahead of time. Most of the time we can schedule this for the same day as your pick-up, but in some cases you may need or want to bring your truck in ahead of time. Your salesperson will be able to assist you with this.

Picking up from the dealership is better than delivery because you will receive a thorough 1-on-1 walk-through with an experienced RV technician to show you how everything on your new (or new to you) RV works. This walk-through will cover everything from extending the awning out, to winterizing your RV. It’s a lot to take in, but at least you will have an idea of how it all works and it can save you from making some costly mistakes.

If you are looking to have your RV delivered, there are many RV delivery services that will give you a competitive quote on your delivery needs. We will happily help you organize shipping, as we are familiar with the process and have great contacts, but the cost and ultimate responsibility is on you. Once the RV is owned by you and leaves the dealership, we are no longer liable for it. However a good shipping company has insurance that will pay for any damages that occur during delivery.

After Purchasing

We are here to support you after the sale as well. We want all of our customers to be excited about their new purchase, so if there is an issue, we want to hear about it. Most of the time there is no issues… but we still want to hear from you!

RV Service and Warranty Work

If you are nearby, our service department is the best place to have your RV worked on, whether its routine maintenance, warranty work, or collision repair. Our expert service technicians can handle any job you throw at them, and the service manager is easy to work with. For warranty work, we handle all communication and paperwork with the manufacturer to ensure you get the right repair free of charge (and free of headaches). If you are not nearby, contact any dealer that carries the brand of RV you purchased to see if they can perform warranty work.

Stay in touch!

Please feel free to contact your salesperson with any questions or concerns, or just to keep in touch. Many customers will develop a friendship with their salesperson and send pictures of their first camping trip, or a memorable moment they had in their RV. We love to see pictures and hear stories from our customers, and we encourage you to share them with us on Facebook and Instagram as well! If you are happy with your service, the best way you can thank us is by telling others on Facebook or Google Reviews !

So that’s it! That is everything you need to know about purchasing an RV at Paul Sherry RVs

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Disclaimer: We believe in providing accurate and up front information, and we try our hardest to provide all the information necessary for our shoppers. We cannot, however, guaranty 100% accurate information simply due to the possibility of human error. Please double check pricing, details, specs, features, and options with your salesmen before making a purchase. Thanks for choosing to shop at!