Weight Distribution Hitch and Sway Control Bars

Weight distributions and sway control systems provide a smoother and safer ride when towing a camper. There are multiple variations available on the market today. Click here to see the weight distribution hitches we carry in stock at our parts and service department along with prices and relevant information. The system featured in the video is the Reese Pro Series Hitch with the optional Pro Series Sway Control.

RV Weight Distribution Hitches

Every travel trailer owner should consider a weight distribution hitch, not only for towing convenience but for safety, too. A weight distribution hitch is a special hitch that helps to distribute the weight more evenly across the all the axles of your tow vehicle and trailer. This is done by adding additional points of contact and leveraged bars to the hitch (see video). 

When using a weight distribution hitch, you will notice that you have more control, and your trailer won't feel quite as heavy going down the road. Think about it for a minute. Because your hitch is located behind the back wheels of your vehicle, when you load weight onto hitch, the back wheels become a fulcrum and the front end is lifted (like a seesaw). Using correctly installed weight distribution hitch will reduce "squat" in your tow vehicle, which helps to keep front wheels firmly on the ground. Because the front wheels do all the steering, more traction means more steering control. It also provides better braking ability as well. 

In our case, we measured the hitch to be 2.5 inches higher with the weight distribution than without it. That's a big difference!

Sway Control Bar

Another recommended add on for your hitch is a sway control bar. Sway control bars, or sway bars, are easy to use and will greatly increase the control you have over the trailer. Trailer sway is a common problem caused by too much weight in the rear of the trailer, wind gusts, winding roads, or swerving to avoid an obstacle. It is essentially a large brake that uses friction to reduce and correct trailer sway. As your trailer sways to the left or right of your vehicle, the sway control bar compresses and tension is increased, which results in the braking effect. As a result, the trailer is pushed back behind your vehicle where it belongs. 

There are a few different sway control systems available including 1-point, 2-point, or 4-point sway control. Sway control bars can either be integrated with the weight distribution system or a separate add-on, depending on the system. Be sure to follow the guidelines for the particular system you get as there are sometimes restrictions on sharp turns or going in reverse.

Truck with weight distribution hitch

Truck with weight distribution hitch

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