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Q: Where can I sell my pop-up hassle-free and for instant CASH?
A: Paul Sherry RVs!  We pay CASH and we always offer top dollar!

We buy all pop-ups. Light weight or full sized, long or short, slides or straight, new or old... we buy them all and we will give you what it's worth!

Selling a high dollar item like a pop-up can be a pain!
You have to:
  • Advertise your camper through free or paid listings
  • Manage those listings
  • Take phone calls at all hours of the day
  • Invite strangers to your home (You should really find a neutral and safe place to meet instead)
  • Take time out of your busy day to show your camper to people that may or may not buy it
  • Figure out payment and a safe way to make the transaction (Are they taking out a loan or paying cash? How are those funds safely getting to you?)
You also have to have patience.  Purchasing a camper is a big decision that is not generally made on a whim.  People will take their time and look for something that suits all their unique needs.  Sometimes it takes months (or years) for the right buyer to get matched up with your camper.

Selling your pop-up to Paul Sherry RVs is EASY and FAST!  The steps are simple:
  1. Fill out the form below, or call our buyer, Zach Small at 937-778-5250 ext 1625. 
  2. Tell us the Year, Make, Model, and Condition of your RV or Travel Trailer.
  3. If it is something that we buy, we will make you an Offer!*

We make offers at Wholesale Market Value

Wholesale vs Retail Value - We want to pay a fair price that you are happy with, however, because we need to turn around and sell your RV, we can only buy at a wholesale price. 

Market vs Book Value -  Book Values (NADA Guides, etc) are a great starting point to valuing an RV, but many times the book values are much higher than the actual market value. Sometimes the book value is higher than what you can buy the RV for brand new! When making offers, we use our own historical data as well as current market research to come up with a Market Value for your RV.

*All offers dependent upon physical inspection. Offers do not include transportation costs. You must be able to get your RV or travel trailer to Paul Sherry RVs in Piqua, OH to complete the transaction.  You can bring it yourself or hire a transportation service (transport companies normally charge one way $1.75 - $2.50 per mile).

How do we determine the worth of your pop-up camper?

Ultimately, your camper is worth what a customer is willing to pay for it.  Our job is to use the tools available to us and our best judgment to determine what that number is.  Once we determine what we can sell it for, we will offer you the highest amount possible while still making the returns we need to stay in business.  Here are some of the tools we use to help make these decision:

Condition:  The condition of your camper is the most important factor in determining the value.  We look for leaks and previous water damage.  We determine the wear on the carpet and furniture.  We also test all the appliances, HVAC systems, and the generator.    Of course, the better the condition, the less money we will have to put into it to get it ready for the lot, and the higher our purchase offer to you will be!

Book Value:  Just like a car, your camper has a "Book Value."  We use the NADA Recreational Vehicle Appraisal Guide to determine what that is.  We get an updated book quarterly, and you can also find the same information on their website.  While the book value is generally pretty close, the market place is constantly changing, so the actual value of your camper may be significantly higher or lower than what the book says.

Market:  If the book value seems off, we will cross reference it with a quick market scan.  We check dealers listings, private party listings, and recent auction results to determine what similar campers are selling for.

Experience:  Just as you are an expert in your field, over the years, we have become experts in the RV industry.  Based off previous experience, our service manager can assess damaged campers and let us know what it will take to fix it.  We have also learned things like which floor plans are hot sellers, which brands are the most reputable, and even what colors seem to sell best.

We are interested in all types of RVs and Travel Trailers including:

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Disclaimer: We believe in providing accurate and up front information, and we try our hardest to provide all the information necessary for our shoppers. We cannot, however, guaranty 100% accurate information simply due to the possibility of human error. Please double check pricing, details, specs, features, and options with your salesmen before making a purchase. Thanks for choosing to shop at PaulSherryRVs.com!