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2000 Fleetwood Terry 31G

Our Price:$8,995
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This 2000 Fleetwood Terry bunkhouse is for sale at a great price here in Ohio. The 31G features a deep slide in the living/kitchen area to create a large space for eating, socializing and watching TV.

General Features

Air Conditioning
Floor Ducted Heat
Auxiliary Battery
DSI Water Heater

Outside Features

3-Step Entry
Stabilizer Jacks
Spare Tire
Outside Storage

Unit Information

Stock Number:6808A
Dry Weight:6,659 lbs
Class / Type:Travel Trailer
Length:31' 0"

Bedroom Features

Queen Bed
Two Bunks in Rear

Living Area Features

TV Antenna

kitchen Features

3-Burner Stove
Stainless Steel Sink
Drinking Water Spout

Cockpit Features

Bathroom Features

Medicine Cabinet
Power Vent

Unit Specs

Unit specifications not available.

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